Burning Man 2016

It was night when I rode out to the playa for the first time and couldn't believe my eyes. Neon, electric, as far as the eye could see. 
I witnessed the wonders of da Vinci's workshop.
I sat by a bonfire miles away from everything with my best friends, and gazed up at the stars while dance parties raged on the horizon.
I played with a naked fire dancer in the dark of the desert. 
I rode up to massive pyramid tombs alongside a pirate ship sailing the sands. 
I found a hidden oasis in a city of 60,000 people, and simply sat there. 
I climbed lighthouses, and then watched them burn to the ground in a blaze of green and white flame 3 days later.
In a single 30 minute bike ride, I witnessed 3 marriages and applauded each one as I rode by. 
I stopped on the street and answered a phone call from a random person in Wyoming and lamented in his inability to make it to Burning Man. 
I danced in the remote reaches of the desert with just a few friends to disco beats.
I cried at the temple, and left prayers and notes of forgiveness to be burned. 
I got caught in sandstorms so strong I couldn't see two feet in front of me. 
I rode down the pulsing neon, vibrating currents of the sonic runway rings at night, high as a kite. 
I had great sex until the sun rose. 
I dressed up in badass outfits. 
We danced at sunset, and put our goggles on as the burnt-orange sandstorm rolled in. The music didn't stop, and neither did we. 
I watched men hanging from ropes battle to the death in the Thunderdome. 
I got caught between a giant neon scorpion and a tank. 
I made snow angels in the sand. 
I met Medusa's gaze, and didn't turn to stone.  
I found an observatory in the desert, and through its telescopes stared up into the infinite universe in wonder.
I solved mysteries. 
I watched the man burn, spinning fire twisters off into the blustery night. 
I danced with a panda at Glamcocks. 
I felt the warmth of a fire breathing octopus.  
I fell a little bit more in love.

I was challenged in my ways of thinking. 
I was challenged in how I view others. 
I witnessed love and kindness everywhere I looked. 
I've never felt more connected to humans.

On the clearest, warmest day, I stared across the playa at the dozens of art structures littering the landscape like hazy, distant mirages and thought - this is a dream I can't wait to come back to.