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Here is what people say about training with Carlos:

I love training with Carlos! I presented him with a challenge, my challenge, to get fit and ready for the iconic 2016 ESPN Body Issue! Quite a task at age 56, Olympian or not! He customized my training sessions to suit my goals, and advised me on my diet, I believe we were quite successful with the images published. Beyond that, Carlos continues to make my health and wellness program challenging while being very supportive. Thank you Carlos you are awesome! Namaste, Greg
— Greg Louganis Olympian/Speaker/Actor/Author
The best part of working with Carlos is simply that: you work with him. He’s less a teacher and more a partner, hearing your concerns and developing a safe and effective fitness strategy tailored around your strengths and weaknesses. Most of all, his confidence in your capabilities is limitless, providing a safe and comfortable zone for you to conquer self-consciousness and build a better you both physically and and mentally. You’ll end every session with equal amounts soreness and gratitude.
— Beau DeMayo Studio Executive/TV Writer
While I’ve had many personal trainers in the past, Carlos’ style and ability to lead me in the gym has dispelled all of my assumptions that high quality personal trainers do not exist. Each training session that we have is like taking a master class in health and wellness. Carlos is very deliberate to ensure that he has established the proper training routine for me to see the best results, while also being sure that I am safe and free from injury. In addition to the physical results I have seen thus far, Carlos has also been able to guide me through mental barriers that have impeded my progress in the past.
— Michael ONeill Chief Administrative Officer
In addition to being generally awesome to be around, Carlos takes the time to work on specific weaknesses and needs that prevent you from reaching your full physical potential. Carlos is bringing you to your perceived limit, and pushing past it to create growth. In breaking down bad habits while reinforcing proper technique I am always learning something new. There is always a new challenge and goal to reach.
— Will Gerber Entrepreneur/Financier
The discipline and strategy with which he organizes each workout is unlike anything I could have ever done on my own. With Carlos, over a few months I lost 15lbs, got into great shape and my diabetes came under great control, as well as my energy levels and feeling of well-being skyrocketed. He possesses a wealth of knowledge on fitness, the body and how it works, and the body’s response to exercise. His thorough methodology to fitness and overall great strategy in conditioning the body is excellent.
— Rey Viquez CEO of Rey3 Design and Rey3 Collection
I’m a 52 year old partner in a law firm. I take my fitness very seriously as a way to maintain my health and manage my stress. Carlos has helped me develop a physique that looks years younger than my stated age. Carlos specifically tailors my workouts to correct my weaknesses and build overall core strength. He cares about my safe fitness and pays attention to what I say and how I workout. He creates programs I could never envision. He hears me say “I can’t do this” and knows when I’m wrong. And lo and behold, I can do it.
— David Ferrante Partner
After taking a hiatus for several years from a consistent workout routine, I knew that I wanted to find the right trainer to motivate a return to a consistent more active lifestyle. Luckily, I found Carlos to assist me. Not only is he an expert in fitness training, but he is also an inspiration for healthy living. He challenges my limits and inspires me to work harder. I have had many trainers in the past, but none of them have been as committed to helping me obtain my fitness goals as Carlos.
— Mike Lewis VP Production West Coast - HBO
My favorite thing about Carlos is the challenge of the workouts and details in the technical movements. I have learned a lot about why I have struggled with some things physically in the past. I love the variety of exercises that I wouldn’t think to do or even know existed. Carlos is a great technical trainer that can help you reach your goals without risk of injury.
— Alex Harwood IT Director
Carlos is great at using a mix of exercises and techniques to push me to my limit. In only six months, I have seen a significant difference in strength and physique.
— J.R. Public Affairs Executive
I’ve been training with Carlos Figueroa for almost a year, and I can say without a doubt that he is one of the best trainers I have had, and I’ve had a few over the years. Carlos isn’t just concerned with the aesthetics of working out; he is also concerned with corrective exercise techniques to improve posture, movement imbalances and joint limitation. During workouts with Carlos, he regularly reminds me that I am stronger than I think I am. He always manages to get me to do one more rep., even when I think I am done. As a trainer, Carlos is dedicated to his profession and motivated to ensure that his clients are getting the most out of their sessions. As a coach and mentor, Carlos inspires his clients to achieve their physical goals.
— Danny Gibson School Psychologist/Psychotherapist
Carlos really targets the areas that need the most improvement. I’ve used personal trainers before, but most of them just seemed to be going through the same exercises they’d use on all their clients, like standard leg day, chest day, etc. Carlos really focuses on the specific muscles or muscle groups that are weakest and I’ve seen a lot of improvements as a result.
— Dan Huber Travel Agent, Entertainment Division